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PuroClean’s Hurricane Preparedness Tips Featured in R&R

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When they wanted to write an article about ongoing storm seasons, the folks at Restoration & Remediation magazine knew they could turn to PuroClean for hurricane preparedness tips. As a leading storm damage restoration company, PuroClean and our franchise owners are ready to help our communities through times of need.

In the article, PuroClean CEO and chairman Mark Davis says, “Preparedness is essential for staying safe during a hurricane, and we want to inform property owners throughout the country about what to expect this hurricane season so that they can prepare and plan ahead… It’s imperative that property owners take the necessary steps now to protect their assets, to avoid any additional burden a storm could add.”

Davis encourages both residential and commercial property owners to:

  • Know your risks.
  • Check your insurance. 
  • Secure your property.
  • Create an evacuation plan.
  • Create an emergency kit.

You can read the entire article on R&R Magazine’s website.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season produced 14 named storms (with winds reaching 39 miles per hour or greater), of which eight became hurricanes (winds of 74 mph or greater). Two of those further intensified into major hurricanes, with winds greater than 111 mph. Hurricane Ian landed on the U.S. coast twice, once in Florida and once in South Carolina, while Hurricane Nicole made landfall in Florida and Hurricane Fiona touched down in Puerto Rico.

All told, the damages from Atlantic hurricanes in 2022 are estimated at more than $118 billion, which makes 2022 one of the costliest hurricane seasons ever. Fiona, Ian and Nicole each caused more than $1 billion in damages, and Ian could rival Hurricane Katrina in 2005 as the most expensive weather disaster ever.

Atlantic hurricane seasons typically run from June 1 to November 30 each year.

Ready for Anything

While surge events like hurricanes make up only a small part of PuroClean flood restoration franchise owners’ business, it’s in times like these that their restoration expertise shines through. Most of PuroClean’s business comes from commercial and residential storm damage restoration, including damage from faulty washing machine hoses or broken pipes.

“PuroClean franchise owners are trained and ready to protect property owners through their times of need, including hurricane season,” said Steve White, president and COO of PuroClean. “As a leader for more than 20 years, we’re prepared to dispatch our technicians to states across the country to provide relentless customer service to those who require additional support following being in significant damage from this upcoming season’s storms.”

Being a restoration entrepreneur with PuroClean means having the power of an established brand behind them, along with a network of fellow franchise owners and dedicated corporate staff to provide suggestions and encouragement. They also receive state-of-the-art training through our PuroClean Academy in Florida and a suite of software programs that help everyone do their jobs more efficiently.

Emergency Management Plans

Aside from hurricane preparedness tips, the R&R Magazine article also highlights how PuroClean offers emergency management plans (EMPs) to commercial business owners to help them prepare for hurricane season. These EMPs can help business owners effectively manage unexpected events and lessen the impact they have on their business, their property and their customers. 

This is all part of PuroClean’s community-minded corporate philosophy. While we’ll be there to help clean up and provide peace of mind after a disaster, we’d rather give our neighbors the information they need to avoid unnecessary stress. And when we do take on a restoration job, we’re committed to doing it quickly, ethically, professionally and with compassion.

How Big Is the Restoration Industry?

If you’re thinking about starting a water damage restoration franchise, you should know that the restoration industry is a huge contributor to the economy. It’s currently worth about $210 billion, and that number will only rise due to the increasing severity and frequency of natural disasters like hurricanes. It’s also a recession-proof industry; storms and floods still happen no matter what the rest of the economy is doing. 

Even without factoring in hurricanes, water damage insurance claims in the United States are higher than ever. The number of claims exceeding $500,000 has doubled since 2015 while claims exceeding $1 million have tripled. Just one inch of water on the floor of a small home can cause more than $11,000 in damage. It’s estimated that 14.6 million homes in the U.S. are susceptible to flooding, and home water damage emergencies affect more than 14,000 people per day.

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If you’ve read through PuroClean’s hurricane preparedness tips and want to learn more about starting your own disaster restoration franchise, we’re here to give you all the information you need! Start by getting in touch and downloading a franchise kit today!