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How to Make Money as a Storm Damage Restoration Company

PuroClean employees on a job

Did you know about 16 million thunderstorms occur each year around the world, with 100,000 happening in the U.S.? When severe weather strikes, storm damage restoration company owners have the ability to act quickly and help neighbors in their time of need.

If you’ve considered starting a storm damage restoration business, you may have wondered, “Is owning a franchise profitable?” As one of the fastest-growing restoration franchises, PuroClean’s business model allows you to leverage multiple revenue streams by offering storm damage restoration plus other services.

Severe Weather Seasons

The most active period for tropical storms and hurricanes within the Atlantic Basin spans from mid-August to October. September 10 marks the peak of the hurricane season, which lasts until November 30.

Severe weather season typically occurs in March, April and May during the spring. A secondary severe weather season occurs during the fall—generally from November to December—in Alabama, Mississippi and northwest Florida.

However, even though four months of the year fall outside of these seasons, severe thunderstorms can actually happen at any time. In fact, thunderstorms are common in Alabama, Mississippi and Florida on any day in any month.

2023 Storm Damage Statistics

In 2023, numerous severe weather incidents were recorded from March to May during the typical severe weather season. Nearly $30 billion was reported in damage, with storms occurring in the southern, eastern, central and south-central regions of the U.S. High winds, tornadoes and hail were the main threats, but severe weather happened during the off-season, too.

In June 2023, there was $13.8 billion in storm damage in the southern, central, eastern and western areas of the country. Severe weather events produced hail, tornadoes and high winds. In July 2023, high winds, hail, tornadoes and flooding caused $4.6 billion in damage in the northeastern, north-central, southeastern and eastern parts of the U.S. In August 2023, the northeastern, eastern and Midwest sections of the country experienced $2.4 billion in damage due to high winds, hail and tornadoes.

According to these statistics, storm damage restoration company owners in most of these areas had their work cut out for them for at least six months straight. In addition to severe thunderstorms, the Hawaii firestorm cost $5.6 billion in damage in August. Hurricane Idalia also hit Florida in August, though the estimated cost of damage has not been released yet.

The PuroClean Advantage

When you own a PuroClean franchise, you can bet storm damage will keep your teams busy during (and likely after) severe weather season. However, your disaster restoration franchise will also provide a suite of valuable services that are needed year-round, including:

  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Emergency water removal
  • Mold removal
  • Biohazard cleanup
  • Reconstruction

Everyday incidents resulting in property destruction are one of the reasons PuroClean franchises can offer recession proof jobs. Fire, smoke, water and other types of damage happen regardless of season or state of the economy. For example, according to water damage restoration industry statistics, about 14,000 people are affected by home water damage emergencies every day. Plus, annual household water damage in the U.S. costs up to $20 billion.

As a PuroClean franchise owner, you’ll also be able to take advantage of our brand name recognition and extensive support. Our company has been the primary resource for reliable home and business damage repair and restoration for two decades, providing reassurance and peace of mind to property owners during their most challenging times. In addition, we offer hands-on training, online education, sales and marketing resources and industry-leading software to ensure your franchise’s success. 

Storm Damage Restoration Profitability—and More

As the climate continues to heat up, the number of favorable days for severe weather is predicted to rise. Owning a PuroClean franchise means you’ll not only run a profitable storm damage restoration company, but also a property damage restoration business with additional essential services that are always in demand.

Take the next step and download a franchise kit and path to ownership guide to start initial research into your PuroClean opportunity!