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Ideal Candidate


Ideal Candidate Profile for a PuroClean Franchise Owner

One of the things we’re most proud of at PuroClean is the versatility and broad appeal of our business model. It’s been time-tested and refined by two decades of experience and lays the groundwork for success, taking a lot of the trial and error out of running a business. Do you fit the ideal candidate profile?

From growing your client base and hiring qualified staff to marketing your property damage restoration franchise, our systems and support provide the answers, so just about anyone can become a PuroClean franchise owner — including you!


A PuroClean franchise team

Whatever your background, PuroClean can help you take full advantage of a robust industry while meeting your community’s essential needs. Our franchise owners are hardworking, motivated and excited to grow into their roles as business owners. They also appreciate the importance of customer service and community involvement — after all, it’s at the heart of the PuroClean brand!

Here are some of the fields that our franchise owners come from:

Construction hatConstruction
The American flagMilitary or First Responder
MegaphoneBusiness Sales & Marketing
GearsTechnical or Engineering Management
A shieldInsurance
A buildingProperty Management
Franchise owner Doug Baillie
“After spending 30 years in the Navy, I felt prepared for my second career as a PuroClean franchise owner. Being a PuroClean franchise owner is like being the captain of your own ship, and just like in the Navy, there is always backup. I know if I ever need anything or have a question, I can count on the corporate team and other PuroClean franchise owners to provide guidance.”
– Doug Baillie, Franchise Owner
A PuroClean franchise team

Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Our franchise owners all have the desire to take charge of their destinies and control more of their day-to-day professional lives. They love the idea of business ownership and are fully committed to the hard work and rewards that come with it. They aren’t afraid to show leadership and can create opportunities for themselves where others might not see them.

Various PuroClean team members and vehicles

Can You Follow a Proven System?

One of the benefits of the PuroClean opportunity is that you’ll be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. As part of the PuroClean family, you’ll follow our proven business model to help grow your business while working independently to network, plan and set goals for your franchise.

PuroClean conferences

Are You Willing to Learn?

As part of the PuroClean family, you’ll be following our proven damage restoration franchise business model to help grow your business while at the same time working independently to network, plan, and set goals for your franchise.

PuroClean owners holding awards

Do You Want to Be a Hero in Your Community?

Perhaps the most important ideal candidate profile trait we look for in future PuroClean franchise owners is a desire to be there for members of their community and their peers in times of need. Property owners who have suffered water, fire or mold damage are often confused and anxious about what to do next. They’ll look to you for answers, which is a privilege as much as it is an opportunity.