What are the costs to open a PuroClean franchise?

The franchise fee to open a franchise with us is $55,000. There are some additional start up costs which include an initial equipment package, vehicle (lease or buy), and working capital. You can read more about these costs here.

Is financing available?

  • We work with a number of sources who can help qualify you for funding
  • Military veterans can also receive special opportunities through M5

It is best to speak with one with us first so we can help direct you to the best contact. We have experts who can help you feel confident about financing and lending opportunities. We want to help! No obligations.

Schedule a call now and let us know how we can help!

What type of office space do I need?

We strongly encourage our franchise owners to work from a warehouse location with enough room to store their equipment, vehicle, and have a small working office. (Approx. 1,000 – 3,000 sqft)

Franchise owners are able to work out of their homes when first starting their business, but should have a plan in place for growth into a dedicated office space.

Will I receive training for my business?

PuroClean provides an engaging and hands on 3-week training sources out of our Home Office for all new franchise owners. The PuroClean Academy is a $1.5 million dollar state of the art facility that also includes an IICRC certified flood house. 

Not only will franchise owners receive industry training, but they will receive training from our marketing team, operations and business development departments. You can read more about our training and schedule here.

Are storms the only way to make money in this industry?

No. Storms do not actually make up the bulk of our business in this industry. Our franchise owners are responding to emergencies right in their own communities for water lines breaking, a bathtub left running, kitchen fires, and dozens of every day emergencies that occur in the home or office. You might not see the frequency of these events occurring but 1 in 55 homes will. Through the relationships we teach you to build, you have a great business opportunity in the community you live in right now. Learn more about the industry and alternative revenue opportunities here

PuroClean franchise owners are supported 24/7. No really, 24 hours a day there is a person you can call on our team that will help you with your business needs and the needs of your customers. Your dedicated regional director will be there from the time you open your doors, to your first job and beyond. Not only do you have support through our operations team, but you have support from our marketing team who can provide you the materials you need to market in your local community and optimize your personal website to be found by your local market of customers. 

The list of support is never ending from business development, compliance, accounting and more, our team is your team and together we are here to help you be successful!

Read more about our training here.

How large is my territory?

PuroClean believes in not restricting the growth of any of our franchise owners and as such our network supports an open territory model. New franchise owners are provided a protected office location of 100,000 in population where no new PuroClean offices will be opened. To further allow our franchise owners to develop and serve their communities, we add an additional HALO of 150,000 in population to expand each franchise owners reach. 

But don’t view these lines on the map as walls. If an opportunity arises beyond your territory, and you are qualified for the work, you are able to take it!

Watch a video from our EVP of Operations and Training, Bud Summers explain this a little further. 

Who would be considered an ideal owner for a PuroClean franchise?

A growth oriented, general manager type who is good at building relationships.  In the initial ramp up phase, the PuroClean owner will be required to wear a variety of different hats – business development/marketing, project management, operations, customer service, and even “rolling up the sleeves” and doing some restoration work.  However, we do not want owners buying themselves a job and to continue working in the business. As the business grows we want owners to work less IN the business and more ON the business, ultimately managing a multi-vehicle, multi-technician team operation.

How much money can I make?

As a franchise company, we are regulated as to how financial performance representations can be communicated. We can provide this information to you in written form in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) in Item 19 “Financial Performance Representations.”

To obtain the FDD, which includes the Item 19, complete and submit your information to the right.

What we can say is based on 2018 reported financials is that 176 franchises reported Average System wide Sales of $779,378.  109 Franchises reported an Average Gross Margin of 56%. Again, for more information please request our FDD, schedule a call now here.

I already work in the industry, do I need to buy all new equipment and vehicles?

We have several owners who have transitioned their business already and would love to talk to you! If you already have trucks and equipment we’d love to review them with you and work to get you up and running quickly.

We are excited that you are looking into joining the PuroClean network of owners and wanting to grow your business to the next level with a world class brand and strong network of franchise owners. We believe your skills and knowledge can strengthen our brand and PuroClean can provide the proven system and resources you’re looking for.

We’d like to get you in contact with our dedicated franchise director who will work one-on-one with you to determine the best route to joining our network as well as help determine your current assets. You can schedule a call right now by clicking here

PuroVet is a program PuroClean created that operates year-round with dedicated support programs for veterans operating in it’s franchise system. The PuroVet program offers veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces with a DD214 a discounted rate of 25 percent off the initial franchise fee – a savings of $12,500. Thank you to ALL that have served our nation.