A PuroClean Franchise Conversion Enjoys Immediate Benefits

If you currently own a property restoration business and aren’t seeing the kind of growth you’d expect, or you’d like to rebrand yourself and join forces with a leader in the industry, then converting your existing business to a PuroClean franchise is the way to go! When you are converting a business to a franchise and become part of the PuroClean team, you’ll enjoy immediate benefits that would not otherwise be available to you, and that will give you important advantages over the competition.

Our Brand Name is a Powerful Differentiator!

The PuroClean name has risen to the top through a commitment of servant leadership and putting our franchise owners first every day to create a strong culture that truly represents what our brand is all about. We know you have poured your own blood, sweat and tears into your business, and the decision to turn your business into a franchise might feel like you are giving that up, but you are still an independent business owner in our system and your knowledge and business acumen will only help you accelerate your growth. You will now have access to a world-class team that is right next to you, supporting you every day.

With more than 439 cleaning and restoration industry locations across the country, we’ve helped millions of property owners get back to normal life after the devastating effects of water damage, fire or other property damage, like broken pipes, mold infestation, biohazardous situations and more. Our franchise owners are the “Paramedics of Property Damage” and can be relied upon night or day to meet the demands and challenges of property restoration.

We’ve set the bar high, and the communities we serve know this. That means, when you convert your existing property restoration business to a PuroClean franchise, you’ll enjoy the immediate benefits of our world-class reputation!

Interested in Converting Your Business?

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Our Business Model is Flexible, Proven and Perfect for a Franchise Conversion!

We’ve taken our extensive industry knowledge and used it to develop and refine a business conversion model that’s easy to follow and helps support you in the areas of your property restoration business that need growth. You may feel that you’re a one-person show and need more hands, eyes or ears. You may feel like your business is taking off and you just can’t keep up with the demand. Either way, our systems are customized to support you and your goals. Our operations team is ready to jump in with you to examine your business top to bottom and  identify where you can generate more growth and profitability.

Join the Puro Clean team and receive a complete business review and access to our elevations growth plan. This information will provide you with information to grow your business in the three most vital areas, production management, sales and marketing, and office procedures.

We have had other independent business owners join our system and immediately see their business flourish while building their own knowledge and joining an extremely professional network of other franchise owners motivated to grow their businesses just like you.

You’ll never be left in the dark, and if you do have questions or concerns, your dedicated regional director is there to support you, 24/7! PuroClean is committed to your success and work tirelessly to make sure it happens!

Hear from our owners Craig and Jenny Hawkins who converted their successful business to a PuroClean and reached new heights of success!

Opportunity to Work On National Account Programs

PuroClean has built a reputation in individual communities, and has also risen to the top of our national insurance account partners as the preferred service provider to their policy holders. Our franchise owners work with three of the top five national insurance companies in the U.S. and dozens of commercial partners, a list that seemingly grows monthly.

Our franchise owners believe in the quality of their work and of their service. Through this trust, our network has key partnerships with numerous Third Party Administrators backed by the support of the PuroClean name to create additional revenue streams for each location.

Complete Business Software Solutions

Our Suite of Software Makes Running Your Business More Efficient!

Do you have the ability to manage the job from beginning to end and at the same time recognize whether the lead came from your website, SCO, or the efforts of your sales and marketing programs? This software will accelerate your business growth through better management across all team members and areas of your business.





This technology allows everyone on your team to function more efficiently and productively:

  • Project managers can count on it to find key dates and follow job progress, review contract amounts and estimate costs.
  • Marketers can rely on it to view and update correspondence instantly in the field and add notes about a meeting, phone call or event.
  • Field techs can access it to create a work order right from the field and review job details that help them make quick decisions.

This kind of preparedness will give you a competitive edge and keep you on track toward success!

DASH – Restoration Business Management

DASH is a cloud-based solution that is designed to help you run your restoration business more efficiently, with real-time documentation to manage projects from anywhere. You can create jobs, track equipment, upload photos and speak notes directly and securely into the job file. DASH also includes 3rd party integrations.

LuxorCRM – Strategic Sales CRM

Luxor is the most customizable online CRM for the restoration industry to build relationships, track leads and drive sales. Gain visibility of your sales processes and manager your sales tam to higher success. LuxorCRM is equipped with industry specific tools, robust reporting and backed by proven methodologies. It contains a live sync with DASH and supports custom sales automation.

MICA – Mitigation Management Software

MICA is the leading water mitigation suite in the restoration industry. It is simple, efficient, and comprehensive, providing benefits for the insurance carrier, the adjuster and the contractor.

You can view job data anytime with detailed reports upon job completion, automated equipment calculations increasing efficiency and a built-in compliance manager.

ProAssist – Real-Time Customer Connection for Restoration

ProAssist helps you manager your restoration business from photo uploading, contractor scheduling, on-time arrivals tracking, text message alerts, digital signatures and documentation. This software not only benefits your technicians, but also provides confidence to your homeowner.

Does It Make Sense to Convert My Property Restoration Business to a PuroClean Franchise?

It sure does — especially when you consider all the marketing help you can count on when you become part of our brand family! Reaching your best customer is a full-time job and, fortunately, as a PuroClean franchise owner you’ll have expert help in that department. You can count on:

A National Award-Winning Website: Our corporate website will educate your customers about the PuroClean difference and why we’re leaders in our industry.

A Brand Identity Guide: Your one-stop resource for all approved PuroClean brand information, such as approved colors, fonts, logos, and marketing image palettes.

An Online Library: Print and marketing tools you can access yourself or with our marketing team to find the exact item you need for your local printing or wrapping vendor.

Internet Marketing: We’ll assist you with the setup and management of critically important business listings on Google, Bing, and other business sites and will help you build a stellar reputation online through reviews and improved search engine rankings.

National Public Relations: Our PR team is continuously working to increase national brand exposure through co-marketing opportunities, award submissions, social media, interviews, and more.

Franchise Conversion is Easy!

Joining the PuroClean team is a simple process that involves a few straightforward and transparent steps that’ll have you taking full advantage of our industry in no time! You’ll still be in business for yourself, you just won’t be in it by yourself!

Do you fit our ideal candidate profile? What are you waiting for? Now might be the perfect time to undergo a franchise conversion of your property restoration business to a PuroClean franchise, so get in touch today!

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