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New Beginnings: Starting a New Journey with PuroClean Franchise Owner Karen Argus 

Karen Argus PuroClean

Beginning a new career journey can be intimidating during normal times. Opening a new franchise during a global pandemic is on a whole other level. But PuroClean franchise owners have been up to the task!

The franchise graduates of the first class of 2020 finished up their training in February as the world was starting to shut down due to COVID-19. Typically, there is a 2-day process after the end of the training program where the Regional Director visits to review all that was learned during training and then focus on sales & marketing, but due to recent travel restrictions and safety, this process needed to adapt quickly. PuroClean Corporate Headquarters quickly jumped into creating a new virtual IFT procedure that condensed all this information into an easy to follow online format.  The team also worked to develop an improvised marketing strategy that included increased emails, social media, and phone promotion. This new training was invaluable, allowing many of these new franchise owners to hit the ground running.

Karen Argus, one of the new graduates, was first attracted to opening a PuroClean franchise location due to the family-style management the company is known for, and this came through during her first few weeks in business. When opening her business, PuroClean of Stuart, amidst the pandemic, she leaned heavily on the support and guidance of the PuroClean Corporate Headquarters, her Regional Director, and fellow franchise owners to get up and running. When her Regional Director reached out with a job, Karen felt ready to take it on with the help of this support system.

Her business has been working six days a week to do preventative COVID-19 cleaning on a warehouse where one of the top 3 automakers in the country is producing ventilators to help health care facilities around the country. Under the support and guidance of the PuroClean Corporate Office, Karen recently got her website up and running, which led to an additional job where she has partnered with another local franchise owner to complete a water damage cleanup.

When the times get tough, PuroClean is ready to act as a pillar of strength and service for franchise owners so that they can go back to what they do best—providing relentless customer service to their customers and community.