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PuroClean: Top Cleaning and Restoration Industry Franchise

Four images of PuroClean workers in hazard suits cleaning during COVID-19.

If PuroClean has learned anything since January 2020, it’s that the cleaning and restoration industry has proven to be an opportunity where people can still achieve their dream of owning a successful business.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a humanitarian crisis that isn’t limited to our personal health. It is a pandemic that continues to infect local businesses and franchises throughout the United States and across the world. The stock market has crashed, inflation is growing every day and the fears of a recession are very real. Now is the time to think critically and strategically about the next few months. Does your industry have a recession resistant franchise? Better yet, are you ready to join an award winning franchise?

The Pandemic’s Impact on the U.S. Economy

The world watched as major events and conferences, public gatherings, networking opportunities, airlines and the transportation industry shut down. Due to the instability of corporate positions and  low-skilled employment, many people continue to lose their jobs. Interest in many industries, such as luxury, food, building materials and home furnishing stores, has seen a steady drop in demand.

All these changes will have a negative impact on the U.S. economy. What’s worse, this crisis doesn’t seem to have a foreseeable end. And even when there is a solution, the economic effects will resonate for six months to a year later.

The Restoration Industry Remains Steadfast Amid the Financial Crisis

Not all sectors will be hit hard. Recession proof jobs in health, IT, cleaning and disaster restoration have proven to thrive despite these crises. The restoration industry is recession-resistant because there will always be disasters to recover from. And events like water and fire damage are not tied to consumer spending. Although many are natural occurrences, everyday accidents still happen in homes across the United States. Not to mention, restoration companies offering exceptional cleaning services continue to be in high demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, at PuroClean, we had our best franchise sales years in 2007-2009. If you want to join a franchise during these difficult times, strongly consider a disaster restoration franchise like PuroClean.

The Restoration Industry Is More Than Recession-Proof

When you join PuroClean as a franchise owner, we will support you with all our resources. From marketing to training, we provide you with the right information to make the best decisions for your franchise. You’ll have access to the right supply chains for equipment, and we’ll share our economical solutions like how to perform restoration jobs successfully and competitively.

But PuroClean’s goals are more than just helping our franchise partners run a successful business. As emergency restoration professionals, we take a great deal of pride and satisfaction in helping people and entire communities get back on their feet after disaster strikes. During times like the COVID-19 pandemic, PuroClean performed professional cleanup in homes, commercial properties, and even hospitals throughout the country to prevent the spread of the virus.

PuroClean trucks outside a location being serviced for damage restoration

Our industry network cares about the communities they live and work in. When the time comes, we are prepared to do everything we can to serve our friends and our neighbors. You’ll also find that our franchise model benefits each other in times of need. There have been many instances where PuroClean locations have worked together on large projects by sharing equipment, supplies and skilled  labor.

PuroClean’s Bottom Line Can Be Your Bottom Line

From a pure business perspective, those who are financially able to take advantage of a financial crisis  usually reap the biggest rewards. Joining a recession-proof industry like a fire and water damage restoration franchise during or after a financial crisis makes good business sense. We learned a lot after the crash in 2008 and witnessed for ourselves how businesses that were the first to find work in the new economy were the ones with the most to gain.

We are ready to bring new franchise owners up to speed on the benefits of the cleaning and restoration industry. If you are interested in a future with PuroClean, download our franchise kit to learn more about the advantages of being a franchise owner.