COVID-19 Has Hit the Economy Hard, But the Restoration Industry Stays Strong

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Even though the coronavirus pandemic is essentially a human crisis, its impact on business and franchising is severe. We’ve already experienced a stock market crash, and the fears of a recession are very real. Learn more about how the coronavirus is affecting the franchise industry below. If you’re looking to join a recession-proof industry during these times, we underlined the benefits of joining an opportunity like PuroClean in the restoration industry.

The impact of coronavirus on franchising in general

First of all, major events and conferences, gatherings, networking, flights, and transportation are getting canceled. In addition, due to the instability of corporate positions and low skilled employment, many people will continue to lose jobs. Interest in many industries, such as luxury, food, building materials, or home furnishing stores, will drop. All of these will significantly affect the US economy.

What’s worse, the crisis has only begun. We are many months away from a preventive solution, and we’ll feel the economic effects for the next six months to a year.

The restoration industry remains steadfast amid the financial crisis

Not all sectors will be hit hard. The recession-proof industries, such as health, IT, cleaning, and disaster restoration, will thrive. The restoration industry is recession-resistant because there will always be disasters to recover from. Those events include water damage and fires, which aren’t tied to consumer spending and can occur from everyday accidents in your home. Also, restoration companies provide services like cleaning, which is in high demand during the COVID-19 crisis.

In fact, at PuroClean, we had our best franchise sales years in 2007-2009. If you want to join a franchise during these difficult times, strongly consider a disaster restoration franchise like PuroClean.

The restoration industry is not just recession-proof

When you join PuroClean as a franchise owner, we will support you with all our resources — from marketing to training. We will offer you the right information and the right supply chains for equipment and solutions you need to perform restoration jobs successfully.


But most of all, being an emergency restoration professional will give you the satisfaction to restore properties and lives in your community. During times like the COVID-19 pandemic, PuroClean performs professional cleanup in homes and commercial properties throughout the country to prevent the spread of the virus.

Additionally, restoration professionals help each other in their time of need. There have been many instances where PuroClean locations have worked together on large projects and helped each other with equipment and workforce. Our network cares about the communities they live and work in every day and are doing everything they can to serve us in our time of need.

The Bottom Line

There is a turning point, even in tragedy. Business-wise, those who take advantage are the ones who will reap the rewards. Joining a recession-proof franchise during or after a financial crisis can be wise. After the crash in 2008, those who started a business and produced for the economy benefited the most. So, act now and prepare yourself and your family for the future.

We are ready to bring new franchise owners up to speed and help them become the expert in their community and lead the way in business success.

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