Ours is a Recession-Resistant Industry — and PuroClean Is a Leader in It!

recession resistant industry

Most of us can agree that 2020 was a challenging year, one that affected our economy and left many businesses struggling, if not permanently closed.  As a result, many people are looking for opportunities to grow into new professions. Franchising is a more than credible way to bounce back or take a new turn on your career path, and our recession-resistant industry is an especially smart one to go into. That’s because our services are always in demand, no matter what the economic climate. Home and business owners will always have the need for fast, reliable, and expert property restoration as a result of broken pipes, fallen trees, home fires, and other unfortunate occurrences, and when you join the PuroClean family to open your property restoration franchise, you’ll be able to lead your community in its time of need.

The Sanctuary of Home

Nobody wants to see their property suffer damage, especially if that property is their home. For most of us, our homes are our most significant financial investment; more than that, they are our sanctuaries, so when they’re damaged, it can make for an incredibly stressful time. Unfortunately, property damage is not a rare occurrence.  According to recent studies:

  • About 500,000 structural fires occur every year, with about 70% affecting residential properties.
  • Up to 14,000 U.S. consumers are involved in water damage emergencies at their residence or business each day.
  • Close to 4.2 million homes, representing property values totaling $1.1 trillion, are at risk for damage caused by hurricane storm surge flooding.

As a result, the restoration industry is worth roughly $210 billion, and that figure is expected to grow as a consequence of the frequency and intensity of natural disasters. Furthermore, as an increasing number of homes across the country age, they become more susceptible to breakdown and deterioration, leading to the need for our expert services. 

Some Common Causes of Property Damage

The fact is, no property is completely safe from damage, and sometimes the very structures and appliances we’ve come to rely on in our homes can be the source of that damage. Did you know:

  • Non-weather-related water damage ranked second as the most common cause of homeowner insurance claims.
  • According to one report, most closed water damage in homes was due to failures in water pipes, plumbing drains, toilets, water heaters, and washing machines.

The need for prompt, knowledgeable, and thorough property damage repair and restoration is going nowhere anytime soon, making ours a recession-resistant industry that more and more smart investors are gravitating to!

A Trusted and Respected Brand

PuroClean has been providing property owners with peace of mind for nearly two decades, a track record that has made us the “Paramedics of Property Damage®.” When you open your property restoration franchise with us, you’ll benefit immediately from our reputation for excellence, expertise, and commitment to customer service. Furthermore, you can count on our comprehensive training and support to help you get and stay on track toward success as you grow your business and meet the needs of your community. 

Now might be the perfect time to become part of our industry. Reach out today to find out how you can do that with PuroClean!


About PuroClean

Known as the “Paramedics of Property Damage™,” PuroClean provides fire and smoke damage remediation, water damage remediation, flood water removal, mold removal and biohazard clean-up to commercial and residential customers. Founded in 2001, PuroClean has quickly become one of the fastest growing property restoration franchise organizations in the nation with a comprehensive network of 280-plus franchise offices across North America. PuroClean technicians are thoroughly screened, insured, and trained in utilizing the latest in mitigation technology and procedures, while operating under a strict code of ethics. Each PuroClean office is independently owned and operated. For more information about PuroClean, contact 800-775-7876 or visit www.puroclean.com; for franchise information, visit www.puroclean.com/franchise