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Spotlight on PuroClean’s Water Damage Restoration Software

PuroClean employee assessing water damage

Looking for a franchise conversion with excellent technology solutions? Nearly 100 franchise partners who signed on with PuroClean last year use our state-of-the-art suite of water damage restoration software daily.

With this technology, you can run your business more efficiently and manage your entire operation from end to end. Our software suite works on mobile devices in the field while tying into real-time data and insurance claims from the office.

When you convert your property restoration business into a PuroClean Franchise, our industry-leading software will help enhance your team’s performance and accelerate your business growth.

What You Can Do With PuroClean’s Water Damage Restoration Software

Our franchise training software enables every member of your team to be more productive. Project managers use this technology to find important dates and track job progress as well as assess estimate costs and contract amounts. Marketers depend on this software to maintain communication in the field and update information on meetings, phone calls and events. Field techs rely on these tools to produce a work order on site and study job details to make quicker decisions.

Types of Water Damage Restoration Software Used by PuroClean Franchisees

Our complete package of property restoration software solutions is provided by CoreLogic Next Gear Solutions, the leading platform for property restoration businesses. Our suite includes PuroLogic for business management, LuxorCRM for strategic sales, MICA for mitigation management and ProAssist for real-time customer connections.

PuroLogic: Restoration Business Management

PuroLogic is a powerful, cloud-based solution that empowers your business to improve efficiency and scalability. Real-time documentation allows you to manage projects from anywhere, providing control and transparency. With this property restoration management software, you can create jobs, upload photos, track equipment and centralize documentation such as work authorizations and invoices. PuroLogic also includes 3rd party integrations to meet your workflow needs.

PuroLogic has the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant’s (AICPA) SOC 2 Type II certification.

LuxorCRM: Strategic Sales CRM

Luxor is a unique, customizable online CRM for the property restoration industry that’s designed to build and nurture relationships, track interactions to optimize opportunities and drive more sales. This tool helps you see your sales processes more clearly and elevate your sales team to greater success. LuxorCRM offers robust reporting and analytics, data optimization tools, referral tracking and proactive alerts. It supports custom sales automation and live syncs with PuroLogic.

MICA: Mitigation Management Software

MICA is the dominant water mitigation suite in the property restoration industry. This software standardizes, streamlines and simplifies water mitigation loss documentation to increase compliance, accuracy and efficiency. MICA is simple and efficient, yet comprehensive—providing benefits for the insurance carrier, adjuster and contractor. Other features include a compliance task manager, automatic updates, equipment documentation, electronic forms and customized reports.

MICA also has the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant’s (AICPA) SOC 2 Type II certification.

ProAssist: Real-Time Customer Connection for Restoration

ProAssist is the ultimate customer communication platform for the property restoration industry, allowing real-time communication between the office and the field. It helps you manage your business by enabling on-time arrivals tracking, contractor scheduling, text message alerts, photo uploading and digital signatures and documentation. This water damage restoration software benefits your technicians as well as your homeowners by instilling confidence in your business.

Improve Business Efficiency With PuroClean’s Water Damage Restoration Software

PuroLogic, LuxorCRM, Mica and ProAssist give PuroClean franchise partners a competitive edge and keep them on a solid path to success.

When you convert your property restoration business to a PuroClean franchise, you get to use this software and reap the benefits of a powerful brand name, a flexible business model, and the opportunity to work on national accounts.

Start your PuroClean franchise journey today by contacting our team for more information.