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What Makes a Franchise Successful With PuroClean?

PuroClean franchisee on a company van

At PuroClean, we are incredibly proud of each and every one of our franchise owners and all the hard work they put into making their business successful. Starting a water damage restoration franchise takes a lot of time, energy and commitment, but we know it can mean a lot of rewards, too. What makes a franchise successful, and what do our highly motivated owners have in common? Here, we’ll look at how our franchise owners position themselves for success and the mindset they have that allows them to make the most of their PuroClean opportunity.

They Like to Network

Besides taking a chance on a restoration business for sale, the one thing all our franchising candidates have in common is that they’re focused on people; the ideal PuroClean franchise owner is a people person! He or she knows that no business can be truly successful without spending time with neighbors, friends, acquaintances and even strangers. That means starting a property restoration business out on the right foot involves a lot of networking — getting out there and shaking hands, starting conversations and forging relationships.

We know all about that at our home office, as well. We’ve developed deep relationships with many North American insurance companies and property managers, making us their restoration partner of choice! We know the value of being there when we’re needed most, and our franchise owners do, too.

They Focus on Customer Service

It pretty much follows that if you’re a people person in business, your natural focus will be on customer service — and our franchise owners excel at that! They know that customer service is the single most important answer to the question “What makes a franchise successful?” and the PuroClean team makes sure to prioritize the needs of property owners at every turn. Our emphasis on something this basic as a means to success is what sets us apart from the competition; we never take our customers for granted and always remember that it’s a privilege as much as it is an opportunity to serve them when they need us most.

They Believe in Each Other

Successful PuroClean franchise owners fundamentally understand that they are not alone; they are part of something bigger than themselves — and that something is not just their community. They’re also part of the PuroClean family of franchise owners, men and women who work together to strengthen our brand and their businesses. They can take advantage of our copious restoration marketing strategies to make an immediate impact in their local markets. Our franchise partners also have the chance to take part in regular impact groups, where information is shared, feedback is given and concerns are voiced. Our annual convention is another opportunity for owners to get together and share successes. The restoration franchise cost of investing in PuroClean is more than offset by the benefits of being part of something bigger. We know the strength of the PuroClean name depends on the involvement of each and every one of our franchise owners, as they deliver our valuable suite of services to their communities. We are “One Team All In,” and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Starting a property restoration business with PuroClean means a lot of things: a meaningful profession, pride in a job well done and restoration training from a trusted and respected franchisor. It also means paying close attention to the things that matter most — people, relationships and community.

We are a brand that’s committed to your success and growth as a PuroClean franchise owner. Ready to find out more about what makes a franchise successful, and how to start a property restoration business with us? Get in touch today!