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When You Start Your Own Restoration Business with PuroClean You Become Essential to Your Community!

Featured image for post When You Start Your Own Restoration Business with PuroClean You Become Essential to Your Community!

These days, the term “essential business” has taken on a new meaning. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many of the most important businesses to close their doors at least temporarily, and sadly for some, permanently. All of the most vital were allowed to stay open, including many in our industry. That’s been some good news, and it means when you start your own restoration business with PuroClean, you’ll not only be there for your community in their time of need but also in an essential way, which can help you weather possible economic downturns in the future.

A Trusted Name

Our PuroClean franchise owners, known as the “Paramedics of Property Damage®,” have the know-how and resources to deal with a host of property-related emergencies and have been doing so since 2001. Whether these homes or businesses have suffered the ravages of an unexpected storm or the results of an overflowing bathtub, we provide unparalleled service and peace of mind when natural and human-made disasters, big or small, have compromised properties. That makes PuroClean a name people can trust; when you start your own restoration business with us, you’ll enjoy the immediate benefits of our long-standing reputation for excellence in service and expertise.

A Real and Constant Need

The fact is property damage is a serious issue that is never going to go away. According to recent studies:

  • Up to 14,000 U.S. consumers are involved in water damage emergencies at their residence or business each day.
  • About 500,000 structural fires occur every year, with about 70% affecting residential properties.
  • Close to 4.2 million homes, representing property values totaling $1.1 trillion, are at risk for damage caused by hurricane storm surge flooding.

These figures and many others demonstrate the real and constant need for the suite of services you’ll be able to provide your community as a PuroClean franchise owner, no matter the economic climate.

We’ll Help You Help Others

The good news is, starting your own restoration business with PuroClean doesn’t require you to have a background in our industry. That’s because our comprehensive training and support, along with our time-tested business model, takes a lot of the guesswork out of running your business, freeing you up to concentrate on growth. Your initial training with us will cover topics like sales and marketing, business management, operations, and much more. You’ll spend critical time in PuroClean’s Flood House and Soot Simulation Room, where we’ll teach you the very best approaches to dealing with damage caused in these scenarios. You’ll also have a cache of learning modules at your disposal 24/7 to keep you current and informed of the latest in our industry.

We know the success of the PuroClean brand depends on all of our franchise owners, which means we’re there for them every step of the way!

If you’d like to learn more about what it takes to start your own restoration business with PuroClean, we’d love to hear from you, so reach out today!