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PuroClean Franchise President and COO, Steve White, Talks About Our Brand and What It Means to Be a Franchisor

Featured image for post PuroClean Franchise President and COO, Steve White, Talks About Our Brand and What It Means to Be a Franchisor

Puroclean franchise is a leader in the property damage restoration industry for all kinds of reasons — our attention to customer service and our proprietary technology are just a few of them. But it is also the effort of our corporate team and the vision they have for our brand that keeps us at the forefront of not just a competitive industry but of the franchise sphere in general. Ours is a standout opportunity that our franchise partners use to become valuable and important members of their communities. And it’s our commitment to them that has allowed us to see tremendous growth over the twenty years we’ve been in business.

Our Franchise Partners Come First

We know that our brand is only as successful as each and every one of our franchise owners. That’s why from the moment you sign your franchise agreement with us, you can count on our support to help set up and operate your PuroClean franchise.

“It all boils down to one thing: franchise partners come first. You can’t have a me-first approach as a franchisor,” says our company President and COO, Steve White.

With 35 years of experience in the franchise sphere, Steve says the most important thing he’s learned about franchising is that brand culture and teamwork are essential to a successful franchise system and that a franchisor will never see growth unless his franchise partners do, too. “Franchising is a team sport with no individual events,” he says.

Steve knows, too, that investing in a franchise is a lot more than a mere business transaction; it’s a way for franchise owners to be in business for themselves but not by themselves and to become part of something bigger than themselves. A PuroClean franchise opportunity is also a way for a partner to make a meaningful living.

“The future of a franchise owner’s family is often hanging on the success of the franchise. We have to work tirelessly to help franchise owners succeed.”

Our Culture Makes the Difference

Put simply, “serving others is what we do,” says White, whether that be as a franchisor helping its partners or as a PuroClean owner helping their community navigate stressful or confusing circumstances. The PuroClean culture is what Steve likes to call extreme ownership accountability, meaning all people who represent the PuroClean franchise brand — from the corporate support team to franchise owners to employees — are true to their word.

This is something Steve lives by, making sure to be available and inclusive at all times. He can be counted on to be present at all company-wide events and meeting face to face with every franchise owner at PuroClean’s regional meetings. Even though PuroClean has grown to include 362 franchise owners, our culture is still a collaborative one where franchise partners feel comfortable sharing ideas and opinions.

“You have to be in it with the franchise partners,” says Steve, and we live by those words every day.

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