Marketing Your Property Restoration Franchise: 3 Smart Ways to Do So!

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When you join the PuroClean family to open your restoration franchise and offer important services to your community, you can count on us to help you get the word out about your new business. Still, marketing your PuroClean franchise will be something that’s required of you and that you’ll want to take ownership of. Our experts will always be on hand to help; but most of our franchise owners enjoy the marketing process, as it can bring them closer to the communities they serve and drive business to their doors. Here, we’ll take a look at three great ways you can market your property restoration franchise.

Focus on Customer Service

One of the easiest and most effective ways toward marketing your PuroClean franchise is to pay close attention to customer service. Customer service is essential in any industry, but it’s especially true in ours, as you’ll be helping clients who are often in stressful situations. Being there to answer their questions and dependably address the critical details surrounding the restoration of their properties goes a very long way. It generates trust and positive word of mouth, two things you simply can’t buy. When your clients are happy with your services and your work, they tell others about their good experiences, and that helps to grow your business and contributes to the PuroClean reputation for excellence.

Become a Chamber of Commerce Member

When it comes to marketing your PuroClean franchise, your local Chamber of Commerce is a tremendous resource. For this reason, smart business owners make it a point to join theirs. When you invest in your PuroClean franchise, you’ll want to network as much and as often as possible, to meet members of your community and share stories and experiences with them. Chamber meetings and events are perfect opportunities for this, allowing you to chat with community members and learn about their needs. Furthermore, one cannot overestimate the effect of a friendly handshake, and you’ll have plenty of chances to shake hands at your Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, these organizations frequently offer members opportunities to take part in discounted marketing initiatives, making your membership an even smarter move.

Use the Power of Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great vehicles to reach your best customers to tell them more about who you are, why community matters to you, and what services you offer. These accounts are free to set up and have the potential to reach thousands of people in your area, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t harness the power of social media. If you don’t have the time to manage these accounts yourself, consider hiring someone who does. It will be well worth the investment.

We believe in supporting each and every one of our franchise owners in all their marketing efforts, and beyond! To find out more about how we’re there for them, get in touch today!

About PuroClean

Known as the “Paramedics of Property Damage™,” PuroClean provides fire and smoke damage remediation, water damage remediation, flood water removal, mold removal and biohazard clean-up to commercial and residential customers. Founded in 2001, PuroClean has quickly become one of the fastest growing property restoration franchise organizations in the nation with a comprehensive network of 280-plus franchise offices across North America. PuroClean technicians are thoroughly screened, insured, and trained in utilizing the latest in mitigation technology and procedures, while operating under a strict code of ethics. Each PuroClean office is independently owned and operated. For more information about PuroClean, click here to download a franchise kit.