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How I Failed Before Succeeding from Franchise Owner Jeff Rush 


As with anything new, building a successful franchise location comes with challenges. After training, each franchise owner is faced with navigating the ups and downs of owning a business, which can come with a few failures, but from these failures, lessons are learned that help build the foundation of an even stronger business.

Prior to joining PuroClean, Jeff Rush worked in the healthcare field as a Chief Information Officer and he knew that in his next endeavor he wanted to continue to do work that helped people. This desire, coupled with the company’s reputation, convinced him to join the PuroClean network. Jeff has since spent the last 15 years servicing Metro and East Central Indiana and most recently won PuroClean’s Franchise of the Year award.

Jeff shared his top three lessons learned during his first few years as a franchise owner:

#1: Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

For Jeff, one of the hardest lessons in running the business was learning where he excelled and where he should bring in an expert. Looking back, Jeff feels that he should have hired a sales representative earlier in his business because he was better at running the business and performing the service than selling. He recommends each franchise owner take a hard look at where they can best help their business succeed and then look for amazing team members that can fill in the rest.

#2: Lean on the Network

Jeff shared that it was easy for big jobs to feel overwhelming when first starting. However, he found it extremely valuable to lean on PuroClean’s network of franchise owners and the support staff at the Corporate Headquarters for guidance. Whether it’s a Regional Director providing guidance and or another franchise owner offering tips and procedures, there is always someone that is happy to assist.

#3: WOW Principle

Lastly, Jeff recommends that each owner take the time to understand why. Giving back and serving the community is the heart of their work, so they strive to give every customer the WOW (with-out-worry) experience, allowing them to get back to their lives sooner without worry and hassle. Jeff and his employees practice this WOW principle each day, sharing that “what we are doing isn’t all about money. If you are doing it for the right reason then the money is going to come if your heart is in the right place.”

This is one of many stories we’ll share about franchise owners who have joined the PuroClean family. Are you interested in joining the PuroClean? Learn more about why you should choose PuroClean and the many advantages of being a franchise owner.