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Welcome New PuroClean Franchise Owner in Grand Rapids, MI!

PuroClean is thrilled to announce the addition of Joseph Sejat into their franchising system. Joseph and his wife, Susan, will be servicing the West side of Grand Rapids, Michigan, having opened their service during the second week of September.

Before joining PuroClean, Joe was the manager of an international engineering group within Amway Corporation, a business that produces beauty and nutrition products. After 30 years of working in such a large corporation, and the past three years working abroad in India, Sejat was ready to return stateside and switch gears in his career. While friends and family pushed him to open his own business, Sejat was attracted to the structure of a franchise concept. With his engineering background, he knew he could analyze, learn from, and develop his personal strategy easily with the base of corporate backing.

After thorough research, Sejat was able to narrow down his franchising search to three options, one of which was PuroClean. While wrestling with which franchise concept to choose, he went to lunch with a trusted friend who offered to set Sejat up with his cousin who was “big in the franchising world.” Fate would have it that this cousin was President of PuroClean, Steve White. After Joe and his wife, Susan, spoke with White at length on the phone, they knew PuroClean was the right choice for them.

Joe and Susan attended the “Meet the Team” event in Florida. They were thoroughly impressed with the energy level and vision that seemed to drive the PuroClean team. It comforted them that corporate was so focused on the health of the team as a whole, and the growth of their franchise partners. We look forward to seeing the Sejats many successes in the months and years ahead.