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Wayne Terry on Franchising Careers for Veterans

Wayne Terry, PuroClean franchise owner in Jacksonville, FL, has been in our spotlight for a while now. We’ve previously covered his restoration service for the communities across the Gulf and Atlantic coasts struck by hurricanes last year. This time around, we are highlighting Wayne’s participation in one of the best franchise expos in the country.

As an experienced restoration franchise owner and U.S. Navy veteran, Wayne was invited as a speaker on the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) panel at The Franchise Show which took place at the Washington D.C./Virginia Dulles Expo Center on April 6 this year. The expo is organized by National Event Management (NEM), a leader in the development, production, and management of consumer events across North America.

The MOAA panel consisted of distinguished veterans and experts who have amassed a wealth of knowledge of the franchising world. They discussed ideas on how to pursue franchising as a career path, and more specifically how their military experience shaped their success in franchising; how franchising can offer support, training, and security; and what franchising opportunities veterans can pursue.

Wayne Terry Franchising Careers Veterans

Wayne’s career choice after serving in the army was influenced by a negative experience he had with a restoration company. They had done a poor job at providing customer service and hardly told Wayne what they were doing in the water damage restoration process. Years later, when looking for franchising opportunities, Wayne chose PuroClean. In a way, he wanted to show that he could do a better job (than the company that took terrible care of him) serving communities struck by disaster. Starting with just a truck out of his home, Wayne has grown his location to a 16,000 sq. ft facility.

During the panel discussion, Wayne spoke about his experience running a restoration business, highlighting the unique skills veterans bring to the restoration industry. His business has employed several veterans, ranging from senior chiefs, to Chinook helicopter mechanics.

We wish Wayne continued success with the work he’s doing for veterans, as well as disaster-struck families and businesses in and out of his Florida community.