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Hear from our Franchise Owners

We believe our restoration company franchise opportunity is the best in the industry. But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what some of our franchise owners have to say about being part of the PuroClean team.

Valuable Continuing Education Programs

Hosting the CEs helps distinguish us, I think, from those that don’t, and put us in more of a public position to be a resource.

- Chris Empey

Favorite Part of Being a Franchise Owner

We just do not only provide training for the purpose of the job or for you to be a better employee, we also provide training for you to be a better person.

- Sadiq Isu

The Value of Joining a Franchise Network

There are certain tools and resources that come out periodically that are like little nuggets that help us move along the path better than we could have before.

- Chris Empey

Helping in Times of Need

One of the reasons I decided to go with this business opportunity compared to other types of businesses is that I really like the business proposition – you’re serving people when they are in need.

- Ivan Oliver

From Military Service to Community Service

[The support] made me strongly consider PuroClean as the way for me to continue my service within my community.

- UL Armstrong

Opportunity for Growth

We’ve expanded our business to different areas where you can grow within our business.

- Sadiq Isu

Strong Strategic Partnerships

I’m glad there’s something in place to vet, train and make sure that we’re able to take these accounts on and be able to service them.

- Chris Empey
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