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Steve White and Tim Courtney Discussing Company Culture at the FLDC as Announced on Franchise Business Review

Back in October, Steve White, PuroClean President and COO, and Tim Courtney, VP of Franchise Development, spoke in the general session “Develop a Culture of Growth” at the Franchise Leadership and Development Conference organized by Franchise Update Media in Buckhead, GA. Steve and Tim discussed the importance of company culture and aligning franchise development and operations.

After the conference, Franchise Business Review featured Steve and Tim’s input in a blog article about key takeaways from Franchise Update’s Leadership & Development Conference.

One of the takeaways comes from Tim’s emphasis on creating a franchise partner-first culture. Tim evaluates each candidate to see if they are a good fit for the brand and assures that each candidate receives coaching and support for maintaining a strong brand image.

For more insight into franchise growth strategies, check out the full article on Franchise Business Review.