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President & COO Steve White on How PuroClean Provides Support to Franchise Owners During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Steve White, PuroClean President & COO, recently submitted a bylined article on International Franchise Association’s website. Steve highlights a few of the steps that PuroClean has implemented since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. Those include:

  1. Having a plan and being ready to execute it
  2. Communicating with management and franchise owners
  3. Providing the necessary tools to franchise owners

“Taking action on the feedback from communication and providing necessary training are just some of the ways that franchisors can ensure they are providing the support needed during this pandemic. Most importantly, this is a time to be a pillar of support, offering strength and guidance. Don’t forget to look ahead, reminding your corporate team, franchise owners, friends, and family that there are brighter days ahead and that we will all get through this together,” says Steve.

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