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Open a Property Restoration Franchise and Meet Some PuroClean Franchise Owners Who Gave Back During the 2020 Holiday Season

open a property restoration franchise

When someone opens a property restoration franchise with PuroClean, they know their expertise will be called upon 24/7 to respond to emergencies that can happen as a result of broken pipes, high winds, fires, and other human and natural occurrences. Being there for others is nothing new to our franchise owners. They always have their clients’ and communities’ best interests at heart, and this has been especially so during the challenging course of 2020. We believe in approaching our work with a servant’s heart and giving back. Meet five PuroClean franchise owners who embodied that philosophy in real and meaningful ways.

Keegan Trudgen: Keeping Schools Clean and Safe

PuroClean franchise owner Keegan Trudgen and his business partner, Tim Lohse, of Wood Dale, IL, worked with Tim’s wife, Elaine, who is the Marketing Director for O-Cedar Cleaning Products, to deliver $16,000 worth of mops and supplies to schools of The Catholic Diocese of Joliet. The schools, located throughout five counties, received a truckload of O-Cedar ProMist MAX Spray Mops on December 7th so that the buildings could stay sanitized and continue to offer face-to-face instruction in a safe manner. It was a way for Keegan, Tim, Elaine, and the supporting businesses to say thank you to all the teachers and staff who work hard to teach our children during challenging times. Their active involvement is something we certainly can applaud and be thankful for.

Nelson Rivera: Thanksgiving Flood Response

When the Church of Saint Philomena, in Morristown, NJ, suffered a Thanksgiving boiler room flood, PuroClean franchise owner Nelson Rivera and his team were not only there quickly and professionally to clean the mess and remove water-damaged items; they did so free of charge. In the spirit of the season, Nelson donated his time and energies to the church, and Reverend Monsignor Fuhrman was so grateful, he not only wrote a letter thanking Nelson, but he also let his parishioners know about Nelson’s generosity by writing a glowing recommendation, which he published in the church’s parish bulletin. We couldn’t be more proud of Nelson and his team, who truly worked with a servant’s heart! 

Wayne Terry: A Truck Full of Toys

PuroClean’s Jacksonville, FL, franchise owner Wayne Terry can remember what it was like to wait for Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve and the excitement he felt. That’s why he couldn’t stomach the idea of children going without feeling that same joy. So, he and his PuroClean staff organized a Toys for Tots drive, enlisting the help of numerous other local business owners, to collect enough toys to fill a 26-foot truck and a PuroClean pickup! These toys were delivered to hundreds if not thousands of happy children in the area, allowing them to experience a festive and fun-filled holiday; when they might not otherwise have been able to. We salute Wayne and his staff for putting the needs of our children first and helping them feel the spirit of the season. 

Craig Hawkins: Needy Kids

PuroClean franchise owner Craig Hawkins of Redmond, WA, transformed his warehouse into a holiday wonderland. While following strict social distancing guidelines, he and his wife, Jenny, held a catered holiday banquet, during which each of their employees received an ornament with the name of a needy child on it who would receive a gift as a result of charitable donations the Hawkins couple had made. In the spirit of the holidays, each donation was given in the name of a particular employee who Jenny hand-selected. Jenny’s attention to detail meant that each child chosen meant something meaningful to the employee. Craig and Jenny were also very proud to support the event caterers, knowing that many businesses are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Their thoughtfulness sets an admirable example. 

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