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IFPG Interview: Steve White on How PuroClean Deals with the COVID-19 Crisis


Steve White, PuroClean President & COO, was recently interviewed online by International Franchise Professionals Group’s President, Red Boswell.

The IFPG interview was themed “COVID-19: Franchise Leaders Respond”. As such, the discussion revolved around how PuroClean operates during the coronavirus pandemic, and how we contribute in such hard times.

Steve started the interview with an explanation of what PuroClean does and why we are an essential business amid the COVID-19 crisis. That’s because we provide necessary cleaning services to homes and businesses to prevent the spread of the virus.

Steve also mentioned that, even though our roots are in water, fire and mold remediation, we are becoming more focused on our cleaning services. The additional deep cleaning work is on top of the normal everyday emergencies that people experience in their home or place of work and it is keeping our franchise owners very busy and focused on helping those in need.

Furthermore, the interview also touched on how PuroClean supports their franchise owner network. Steve stressed how much the support team is involved, while working from home, in instructing franchise partners and help them deal with the crisis in their communities by being the servant leaders other homeowners and business owners are looking to.

Since PuroClean is working as intensely as ever, Steve was happy to say there haven’t been any layoffs in the support team.

In addition, what makes PuroClean prepared to deal with the crisis is that, on a large scale, we are already prepared to deal with big weather events, such as hurricanes, Steve said. We set procedures to aid with disaster relief and mitigation a long time ago.

Watch the full interview here: