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Getting to Know New Veteran Franchise Owner Ryan Weisheyer

Featured image for post Getting to Know New Veteran Franchise Owner Ryan Weisheyer

Please join PuroClean in welcoming Ryan Weisheyer to the PuroClean family! Ryan’s franchise will primarily serve Bonney Lake, WA. We asked Ryan a few questions about his background and new franchise ownership; let’s get to know him.

As a Veteran, what made you decide to purchase a PuroClean Franchise?

I retired from the Marine Corps in 2020 after 20 years of service in Operations and Logistics. I enjoy serving others and PuroClean was a great opportunity for me to continuing serving my local community. I believe my experiences in the Marine Corps equipped me well to be successful in the emergency property damage industry and, after an extensive search, PuroClean was the obvious choice for me. While I am still early in my journey with PuroClean, I have found that the entire PuroClean Family has always been welcoming and supportive. If I had the choice to do this all over, the only thing I would do different would have been to join PuroClean earlier.

What would you tell a prospective owner looking at the PuroClean opportunity today?

I would recommend that any prospective owner do their research on many different companies in many different industries. if the 24/7 emergency property damage space is where they wish to contribute, I believe they will find that the PuroClean opportunity provides many things that other companies do not. PuroClean has developed a system for success and it is up to the new owner to implement the system to achieve success in their area. PuroClean provides flexibility and encourages initiative at the owner level…and as a Veteran, that is something I really appreciate.

What would you tell a military veteran looking at exiting the service, and maybe had not previously thought about franchising or the PuroClean opportunity?

I would recommend that a Military Veteran exiting the service to reflect on their journey and the skills they have developed. Those skills are likely the critical ingredients needed to be successful as a PuroClean Owner. Mission accomplishment, building a great team by taking care of the people around you, and serving others are almost natural instincts for Veterans.

What value do you think you bring to the network now, in your experience and background?

As I join the PuroClean network, I look to bring a high level of initiative, a focus on service, and a desire to continue learning. From that foundation, I look to build a strong team that can serve our community and develop/maintain a first-class reputation with Customers.

How do you think your military experience will help you achieve your goals with PuroClean?

My time in the Marine Corps provided me experiences in all facets of operations, logistics, and leadership. I look to build on the skills and apply them to our work to make PuroClean of Bonney Lake (Washington) the best company possible.

I spent five years in the Marine Corps in the infantry. Very frequently you hear the infantry doesn’t prepare you for much once you exit service, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The leadership skills earned through my enlistment have served me well throughout my professional career, and PuroClean is no different.


The PuroClean franchise family looks forward to watching Ryan and his team help the Bonney Lake community with all of their property damage restoration needs! To learn more about how veterans can franchise with PuroClean, click here.