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PuroClean Franchise Owner Duties: A Day in the Life

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One of the primary PuroClean franchise owner duties is helping people. Every day, PuroClean franchise owners get to go out into their communities and help them, an aspect of PuroClean franchise ownership that is highly valued when choosing which franchises to invest in. Some of our best franchise owners are committed to helping and supporting their communities. 

Property owners who have suffered water, fire or mold damage are often confused and anxious about what to do next. They’ll look to PuroClean’s franchise owners for answers, which is a privilege as much as an opportunity to be of service. This is what our franchise owners love about being part of the PuroClean franchise community

Wondering what a day in the life of a PuroClean franchise owner looks like? Here’s a snapshot!

PuroClean Restoration Services Franchise Owner Duties

PuroClean franchise owners essentially work in emergency services. People don’t schedule floods, or stove fires, for example, so a PuroClean franchise owner needs to be ready to assist whenever needed. Some typical PuroClean franchise owner duties include:

  • Meeting with insurance agencies
  • Ensuring the sales and marketing team is continuing to establish your presence
  • Working on getting everything organized and restocked
  • Facilitating coaching and training 
  • Operations work 

How to Become a PuroClean Damage Restoration Franchise Owner

You are tapping into a booming market when you invest in a property damage restoration franchise with PuroClean. Research and restoration industry trends have shown that the disaster restoration services market is set to surpass $98 million by 2031, which is up from $61 million in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate of 5% in the coming years. 

With PuroClean’s seamless application process, franchise review and fine-tuned steps to restoration services franchise ownership, you’ll be able to fulfill your duties as a franchise owner in no time. 

  1. Download PuroClean’s Franchise Kit and Path to Ownership Guide: Arguably, the most crucial step to owning any franchise is the research involved in determining your best opportunity.
  2. Business Goals and Qualifying Call: In this step, we’ll connect with you to learn more about you and why you want to be a PuroClean franchise owner. In this short call, you’ll also be matched with a Development Director who will help take you through the process.
  3. Webinar: This is a one-on-one webinar and business discussion with your Development Director. You can review the opportunity and ask any questions that may have come up in your research. This is an opportunity for your Development Director to help you understand the potential for success in this industry.
  4. Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and Application: An FDD is an important document that outlines all the legal information about a franchise. In this step to ownership, your Development Director will be sure to set up a call with you to go through the different sections of the FDD.
  5. Territory Review: Every PuroClean franchise owner gets a Primary Office Location (POL) as well as a Halo, or “buffer” zone that lies in between you and other PuroClean owners.
  6. Meet the Team Day: This is one of our favorite days, and just the beginning of PuroClean’s franchise support system when we can finally shake your hand and welcome you to our Home Office location in South Florida. You will get a glimpse inside our $1.5 million state-of-the-art training facility, the people who will be supporting your business day in and day out, and get your hands on some of the equipment and vehicles you’ll be using as a PuroClean franchise owner.
  7. Final Agreements: In the final phase, you will begin your PuroClean journey by reviewing and signing your final agreements.

We’ll be with you every step of the way as you serve residential and commercial property owners in your community. Now that you know PuroClean’s franchise owner duties, are you ready to join the PuroClean franchise family? Download our franchise kit today to get started on your restoration services industry!