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Veterans Like Nigel Belgrave Encouraged to Own Franchises at IFE

Veteran and PuroClean Franchise Owner Nigel Belgrave

PuroClean Franchise Owner Nigel Belgrave is a proud U.S. Air Force veteran, in which he served as a medic, who has lived and worked in Central Massachusetts for more than 20 years. He joined the PuroClean network in 2015 and says becoming a PuroClean franchise owner has been a great experience that has opened up a whole new world to him. He encourages his fellow veterans to take a further look at franchising.

“One of the things that’s appealing about franchising is you’re going into a designed model. So, it’s not like you’re starting the business by yourself,” Belgrave said. “You have to figure things out, [but] the franchises have a plan for you to follow.”

When Belgrave began a business with PuroClean, he relied on his military training to focus on discipline and remaining calm in particularly stressful restoration and remediation situations. He also noted that PuroClean’s value and appreciation of veterans was important to his decision.

“With PuroClean, we have the PuroVet program that is targeted specifically for helping veterans get into franchising,” he says. “Other things I did like about franchising is you’re not in business by yourself – you’re part of a network, you’re part of a team.”

PuroVet supports and empowers military veterans who are transitioning in to civilian business ownership as franchise owners. The program leverages veterans’ unique skillsets, experiences and work ethic, and provides all the resources and support necessary to succeed in the restoration industry, as well as financial incentives.

When veterans join the PuroClean franchise family, they leverage their unique skills and experiences while benefitting from a supportive, mission-driven business model that paves the way for a fulfilling entrepreneurial career. Heroes in their own right, veterans can also be heroes in their community when they provide necessary restoration and remediation property damage services in people’s time of need.

Belgrave knows the importance of community connections, and can often be found volunteering for organizations serving children and the less fortunate in his area. When it comes to his business, he knows what customers need to be comfortable and satisfied with a service. He strives to make customer service his team’s number one priority, maintains a fast response time from his experienced technicians and ensures effective communication with customer’s insurance companies.

PuroClean will be in attendance at the International Franchise Expo in New York, NY from Thursday, May 30 through Saturday June 1. If you are a veteran exploring franchise ownership options, we’d love to speak with you! You can also schedule a time to speak with a PuroClean representative virtually to discuss your next steps to becoming a franchise owner.