Our Brand Ambassadors Work Hard to Let Others Know What It Takes to Open a Restoration Franchise!

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At PuroClean, we know that before partnering with a brand to open a restoration franchise, it’s essential to have as much background information as possible. Preferably some of it should come from sources who have first-hand knowledge of our industry and our opportunity and who can offer some honest feedback and perspective — people like our PuroClean Brand Ambassadors. They’ve been through the franchise process and have experience under their belts, which they’re only too happy to share with potential PuroClean franchisees interested in opening a restoration franchise. 

Our Brand Ambassadors make vital contributions to the PuroClean brand, and this year we’ve chosen a new group, including Phil Dhargyal and Chris Sanford. They’ll take the place of our outgoing Ambassadors, Tim Kreczmer and Robert Jordan, whose terms have recently ended and who we’d like to thank for their time and efforts.

 Tim Kreczmer: A Network of Franchisees

“I’ve loved being able to speak for the PuroClean brand. It’s a great one, in a great industry! I’ve really enjoyed answering questions and providing insight to potential franchisees who have a lot to consider, so be ready to do that, too. ”

That’s the advice our outgoing Brand Ambassador, Tim Kreczmer, 47, gives our incoming owners. Tim was in accounting and finance before he opened his PuroClean location, just outside of Chicago, in 2018, after a neighbor of his required restoration services. 

“I looked up the industry and liked it,” Tim remembers. He settled on PuroClean because, as Tim puts it, “The owners are industry guys and do the right things.”

Shortly after joining PuroClean, Tim volunteered to become a Brand Ambassador because he thought it would be valuable for others to speak to someone new to the brand. He knew franchising was all about the network created between franchisees.

“Relationships with other owners is key,” stresses Tim. We couldn’t agree more!

Phil Dhargyal: Part of the American Dream

Phil Dhargyal, 30, operates two PuroClean locations out of Northern Virginia, after having only been with us for as many years. His vision and hard work earned him our “Rookie of the Year” award and a spot as one of our new Brand Ambassadors. Phil is especially excited about the role, given that he’s a native of Tibet and English is his second language — although you’d never know that, given how beautifully he speaks it.

 Phil had a background in our industry before joining PuroClean, so he knew how essential it would be to align with a brand that shared his values and goals.

The support has been tremendous and everything is very transparent,” says Phil, when asked about his experiences with PuroClean’s Home Office team. Phil told us he’s really looking forward to his ambassadorship. 

“I really want to do this right and share my experiences,” stresses Phil. “Hopefully I can help somebody.”  We have no doubt he will.

Chris Sanford: A Chance to Give Back

Our second newest Brand Ambassador, Chris Sanford, 42, has been with PuroClean since 2007 and knows a thing or two about service and what it takes to open a restoration franchise: He spent 7 years in the navy as an active-duty serviceman, and today is on active reserve — which is where he was, just before we caught up with him to chat.

Coming out of the military, I was looking for a business opportunity that was dynamic and that would allow me to help people,” remembers Chris. For him, PuroClean was that opportunity. He came to us after someone suggested he look into the franchise model as a way to become his own boss 

Chris runs his location out of Providence, RI, and is looking forward to talking to potential franchisees about what it’ll take to open a restoration franchise with PuroClean.

“It’ll take a commitment to people,” Chris explains when asked what advice he’ll give. “Find the right staff, train them and retain them.” Focus on customer service, too.

 More than anything, Chris sees the PuroClean opportunity as a chance to give back and looks forward to the tough questions some of our potential franchisees might ask him. 

“Tough questions are a chance for you to do an evaluation of your own place within the brand family and within the industry,” reflects Chris. 

We think he’s right. And we’re sure he’ll make great contributions as one of our newest Brand Ambassadors.

Ready to find out more about what it takes to open a restoration franchise with PuroClean? Reach out to us today!

About PuroClean

Known as the “Paramedics of Property Damage™,” PuroClean provides fire and smoke damage remediation, water damage remediation, flood water removal, mold removal and biohazard clean-up to commercial and residential customers. Founded in 2001, PuroClean has quickly become one of the fastest growing property restoration franchise organizations in the nation with a comprehensive network of 280-plus franchise offices across North America. PuroClean technicians are thoroughly screened, insured, and trained in utilizing the latest in mitigation technology and procedures, while operating under a strict code of ethics. Each PuroClean office is independently owned and operated. For more information about PuroClean, contact 800-775-7876 or visit www.puroclean.com; for franchise information, visit www.puroclean.com/franchise